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Info: Das Seminar AGDM wird gemeinsam mit Kollegen der Universität Wien veranstaltet.

Ort: TU-Wien, Freihaus (4., Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10), Dissertantenraum, grüner Turm (A), 8. Stock.

Aktueller Termin

Zeit: Dienstags, 15.15 - 16.45h,

Datum: 22.5.2018
Titel: "The Erdoes sumset conjecture "
Vortragender: Florian Richter (The Ohio State University, Columbus)

Inhalt: A longstanding open conjecture of Erdoes states that every subset of the integers with positive density contains a sumset B+C={b+c: b\in B, c\in C} for two infinite sets B and C. I will talk about recent joint work with Joel Moreira and Donald Robertson in which we resolve this conjecture. Our proof utilizes ideas and methods coming from Ergodic Theory, including an intersectivity lemma of Bergelson, two novel decomposition theorems of arithmetic functions on the integers into structured and pseudo-random components, and some borrowed techniques from Beiglboeck's proof of Jin's theorem. To follow the talk no prerequisites are needed, it should be accessible to everyone.


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Vortragende: Manjil Saikia(Universität Wien)

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Vortragende:    Alexander Miller (Universität Wien)

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Titel: "Tableau Formulas for One-Row Macdonald Polynomials of Types C n"
Vortragende:    Ayumu Hoshino (Hiroshima Institute of Technology)

Datum: 30.1.2017
Titel: "Counting patterns in graphs with degree constraints"
Vortragende:    Gwendal Collet (TU Wien)

Datum: 23.1.2017
Titel: > > "The number of maximal independent sets and maximal matching in > series-parallel graphs and related graph structures" > >
Vortragende: >    Michael Drmota (TU Wien) >

Datum: 16.1.2017
Titel: "Simplicial moves on colored triangulations"
Vortragende:    Ivan Izmestiev (Univ. Fribourg)

Datum: 12.12.2017
Titel: "Enumeration of labeled 4-regular planar graphs"
Vortragende:    Clement Requile (Univ. Linz)

Datum: 28.11.2017
Titel: "Pfaffian Orientations and K_4-free Graphs"
Vortragende: Nishad Kothari (Univ. Wien)

Datum: 31.10.2017 (am ESI)
Titel: "An introduction to the kernel method"
Vortragende: Andrew Rechnitzer (Univ. of British Columbia)

Datum: 24.10.2017 (am ESI)
Titel: "Heights of q-Rising Factorials and Some Related Series"
Vortragende: Ali Akuncu (Univ. Linz)