Dynamics Seminar

Zeit: Montag, 14.00h, Donnerstag 15.00h oder 16.00h

Ort: ESI, Schroedinger lecture hall, Boltzmanngasse 9, A1090 Wien.

Datum: 29. 11. 2007, 15:00
Titel: Poisson suspensions of infinite measure preserving transformations
Vortragender: Roland Zweimueller (University of Vienna)
Abstract: The Poisson suspension T' of an infinite measure preserving transformation T is defined as the natural action of T on the space of counting measures. T' preserves a probability measure \mu' on that space, the Poisson random measure with intensity given by the infinite measure \mu preserved by T. This construction generalizes the (well-known) class non-interacting infinite particle systems driven by null-reccurrent Markov processes (e.g. random walks). I will give an introduction to this concept, and report on some recent work.

Datum: 8. 11. 2008, 15:00
Titel: Separation property, Mautner phenomenon and neutral subgroups
Vortragender: Viktor Losert (Univ. Wien)

Datum: 15. 11. 2008, 15:00
Titel: Siegel's problem about small denominators
Vortragender: Herwig Hauser (Univ. Wien)

Datum: 14. 6. 2007, 15:00
Titel: Measure preserving transformations similar to Markov shifts
Vortragender: Roland Zweimueller (Univ. Wien)

Datum: 31. 5. 2007, 15:00
Titel: On cocycles in generic and topological dynamics
Vortragender: Slava Kulagin (Kharkov, ESI und INTAS)

Datum: 4. 7. 2006, 15:00
Titel: A partial order on x2-invariant measures -- Part 2
Vortragender: Oliver Jenkinson (Queen Mary, London)

Datum: 29. 6. 2006, 14:00
Titel: A partial order on x2-invariant measures
Vortragender: Oliver Jenkinson (Queen Mary, London)

Datum: 27. 6. 2006, 16:00
Titel: The Galois Theory of Minimal Flows
Vortragender: Joe Auslander (University of Maryland)

Datum: 26. 6. 2006, 11:00
Titel: Maximizing measures for a family of piecewise linear functions
Vortragender: Catherine Richard (ESI Junior Research Fellow)

Datum: 2. 6. 2006, 10:00
Titel: Functional stable limit theorems for Gibbs-Markov maps
Vortragender: Roland Zweimueller (ESI)
Abstract: Let T be a mixing probability preserving Gibbs-Markov map on X (e.g. a uniformly expanding piecewise invertible transformation with bounded distortion and a Markov partition), and f a real-valued function on X, satisfying certain regularity conditions (uniform Lipschitz continuity on cylinders). If the distribution of f is in the domain of attraction of a stable random variable G, it is known that suitably normalized ergodic sums converge in distribution to G. (In fact, finer conditional local limit theorems are available.) I am going to report on some recent work showing that in this situation the whole partial-sum process converges to a stable process (in the sense of weak convergence of measures on the usual Skorohod cadlag-space). This provides us with a functional version of the distributional limit theorem (a weak invariance principle).

Datum: 2. 6. 2006, 11:30
Titel: Entropy of conservative endomorphisms: a first return
Vortragender: Jon Aaronson (Tel Aviv)

Datum: 1. 6. 2006, 15:00
Titel: Approximating the maximum ergodic average using periodic orbits
Vortragender: Ian Morris (ESI Junior Research Fellow)

Datum: 25. 5. 2006, 15:00
Titel: Ergodic skew products with uncountably many eigenvalues
Vortragender: Jon Aaronson (Tel Aviv)

Datum: 18. 5. 2006, 16:00
Titel: Towards a critical set for the Standard Map
Vortragender: Katie Bloor (ESI Junior Research Fellow)

Datum: 11. 5. 2006, 16:00
Titel: Invariant measures for random expansions of real numbers in non-integer bases
Vortragender: Martijn de Vries (ESI Junior Research Fellow)

Datum: 4. 5. 2006, 14:30
Titel: Rates of mixing for interval maps with criticalities and singularities
Vortragender: Karla Diaz-Ordaz (ESI Junior Research Fellow)
Abstract: We prove that a class of one-dimensional maps with an arbitrary finite number of non-degenerate critical and singular points admits an induced Markov tower with exponential return time asymptotics. This implies that the map has an absolutely continuous invariant probability measure. Moreover, we establish a relationship between the rate at which the return time function decays and the decay of correlations for non-Hoelder observables.

Datum: 4. 5. 2006, 16:00
Titel: Approximating the maximum ergodic average using periodic orbits
Vortragender: Ian Morris (ESI Junior Research Fellow)

Datum: 20. 4. 2006, 16:00
Titel: Estimating the number of ergodic measures of a minimal subshift knowing the geometry of its Rauzy graphs
Vortragender: Thiery Monteil (ESI Junior Research Fellow)

Datum: 6. 4. 2006, 16:00 (!!!), ESI Schroedinger lecture Hall
Titel: Periodic Point Data and Expansive Subdynamics
Vortragender: Richard Miles (ESI Junior Research Fellow)

Datum: 9. 3. 2006, 15:00
Titel: Regularity of topological cocycles
Vortragender: Gernot Greschonig (University of Vienna)

Datum: 23. 2. 2006, 15:00
Titel: Generalized metrics
Vortragender: Athanase Papadopoulos (Strasbourg)

Datum: 16. 2. 2006, 15:00
Titel: Entropy and the Haagerup invariant related to groups with amenable actions
Vortragender: Marie Choda (Osaka)

Datum: 30. 1. 2006, 14:00
Titel: Asymptotic orbit complexity of infinite measure preserving transformations
Vortragender: Roland Zweimueller (ESI)
Abstract: We determine the (a.e.) asymptotics of the Kolmogorov complexity of symbolic orbits of certain infinite measure preserving transformations, and show that the Brudno-White individual ergodic theorem for complexity generalizes to a ratio ergodic theorem analogous to previously established extensions of the Shannon-McMillan-Breiman theorem.