Institute of
Discrete Mathematics and Geometry

Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Matthias Baaz

Phone:+43 (1) 58801-104 20
Fax:+43 (1) 58801-910420

Main areas of research

Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science. In particular, Proof Theory, Formal Language Theory, Hilbert's Epsilon-calculus, Many-valued Logics, Fuzzy Logic and Automated Deduction.

Upcoming Events

  • Kurt Goedel's Legacy: Does Future lie in the Past?
  • The Fine Structure of Formal Proof Systems and their Computational Interpretations (FISP) - 3rd Meeting, TU Wien December 7-8 2018
  • Projects

  • FWF Stand-Alone Project: Proof theory for branching quantifiers: CERES and beyond
  • New Application for a Joint Project: New frontiers for the representation of proofs
  • Career

    1984Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Vienna
    1992Habilitation in Mathematical Logic, TU Wien
    1992Associate professor in Mathematical Logic, TU Wien

    Most important professional activities

    Executive Vice President of the Kurt Gödel Society, Vienna.
    Chair of the Vienna Summer of Logic 2014 (about 2500 participants).
    Member of programme committee: LFCS'16, VSL'14, TABLEAUX'13, CSL'11 (selection).
    Invited speaker at numerous international conferences and workshops including ISRALOG'14, TbiLLC'13, LC'10, CSL'05 and FLoC'02.