title =      "Dynamic Path Exploration on Mobile Devices",
  author =     "Michael Birsak and Przemyslaw Musialski and Peter Wonka and
               Michael Wimmer",
  year =       "2017",
  abstract =   "We present a novel framework for visualizing routes on
               mobile devices. Our framework is suitable for helping users
               explore their environment. First, given a starting point and
               a maximum route length, the system retrieves nearby points
               of interest (POIs). Second, we automatically compute an
               attractive walking path through the environment trying to
               pass by as many highly ranked POIs as possible. Third, we
               automatically compute a route visualization that shows the
               current user position, POI locations via pins, and detail
               lenses for more information about the POIs. The
               visualization is an animation of an orthographic map view
               that follows the current user position. We propose an
               optimization based on a binary integer program (BIP) that
               models multiple requirements for an effective placement of
               detail lenses. We show that our path computation method
               outperforms recently proposed methods and we evaluate the
               overall impact of our framework in two user studies.",
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