Convex and Discrete Geometry

Gabriel Maresch

Teaching 2019 Summer Term

Math Teaching (Past)

Bachelor and Master Thesis Supervision

Math and Physics interests

Photonics and Quantum Optics
Geometry of Optimal Transport
Canine Groups

Mini CV

Since 07/14       Senior Lecturer at the TU Vienna
10/08 - 06/14   PostDoc Position in Mathias Reitzner's FWF Project "Valuations
                        on Convex Bodies", Assistent Professor at the TU Vienna
04/07 - 07/08   PostDoc Position in Josef Teichmann's START Project
02/06 - 02/07   Alternative Civilian Service at Verein Wiener Sozialprojekte

10/04 - 01/07   PreDoc Position at Reinhard Winkler's FWF Project "Topological
in algorithmic Number Theory and Diophantine Analysis"
10/98 - 06/04   Studies of Mathematics at the TU Vienna

Papers & Preprints before phase transition
  1. G. Maresch, Filters and Subgroups associated with Hartman Measurable Functions,
    INTEGERS. Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory, Volume 5(3), 2005. 17 p. [pdf]
  2. G. Maresch and R.Winkler. Compactifications, Hartman Functions and (Weak) Almost Periodicity.
    Dissertationes Math. 461 (2009), 72 pp. Preprint available at
  3. M. Beiglböck, M. Goldstern, G. Maresch, W. Schachermayer. Optimal and Better Transport Plans.
    J. Funct. Anal. 256 (2009),  no.6, 1907-1927. Preprint available at
  4. G. Maresch and F.E. Schuster. The Sine Transform of Isotropic Measures. IMRN 2012, no. 4, 717-739.

How to contact me

Address: Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/104, 1040 Vienna, Austria
My office is in the 7th floor in the green area. You can find a map here

phone: +43 (1) 58801 104662
fax: +43 (1) 58801 10496
mail: myfirstname(dot)mylastname(at)tuwien(dot)ac(dot)at