Invited Presentations

  • Joint Mathematics Meeting, AMS Special Session on Geometric and Topological Combinatorics, Ehrhart tensor polynomials,
    Baltmore, Maryland, January 2019
  • San Diego State University, Colloquium, An extension of Pick’s Theorem and Ehrhart theory,
    San Diego, California, November 2018
  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Colloquium, Tensor valuations and Ehrhart tensor polynomials,
    New York, New York, July 2017
  • INdAM: Analytic Aspects of Convexity, Valuations on lattice polytopes,
    Rome, Italy, October 2016
  • TU Berlin, Seminar der Arbeitsgruppen Diskrete Mathematik, Geometry and Discrete Geometry, Tensor valuations on lattice polytopes,
    Berlin, Germany, July 2016
  • Discrete Geometry Days, Tensor valuations on lattice polytopes,
    Budapest, Hungary, June 2016

Other Presentations

Research Stays

  • TU Berlin, Host: Martin Henk, April-June 2015, July 2016

Conferences and Workshops Attended