I am a 3rd year PhD student of Michael Drmota at TU Wien.
Before moving to Vienna for the doctorate, I studied discrete mathematics at TU Graz and spent an Erasmus year at Charles University in Prague during my master studies.

My current research is motivated by universality phenomena which appear in the study of discrete structures (eg. graphs or planar maps). My goal is to find and describe universal properties for the large scale behaviour thereof. I primarily employ techniques from analytic combinatorics but I also have a strong affinity for the probabilistic method.

Further I am student speaker at the Vienna School of Mathematics (VSM). If you have questions or suggestions, contact me!

+ Universal asymptotic properties of positive functional equations with one catalytic variable, with Michael Drmota. (La Matematica, 2023).
       -- Paper at AofA22 : Universal properties of catalytic variable equations, with Michael Drmota.
+ Geometric Dominating Sets, with Oswin Aichholzer and David Eppstein. (Computational Geometry, Volume 108, 2023 || Invited edition of EuroCG2021).
       -- Paper at EuroCG21 : Geometric Dominating Sets - A Minimum Version of the No-Three-In-Line Problem, with Oswin Aichholzer and David Eppstein.
+ Finding a battleship of uncertain shape, with Maarten Löffler, Daniel Perz, Josef Tkadlec and Markus Wallinger. (EuroCG2022).
+ Geometric Dominating Sets, Master thesis, Graz University of Technology, 2020.

+ Hunting bears in random planar maps, SCAAEC 2023, August 1, 2023, Bedlewo, PL.
+ Characteristic singularities of universality classes, SIAM AG23, July 14, 2023, Eindhoven, NL.
+ Exhaustive tree walks and the spectrum of random graphs, April 14, 2023, AG DM, Vienna, AT.
+ A glimpse of the spectrum of graphs by walking on trees, VSM student retreat, April 14, 2023, Ysper, AT.
+ Universal types of singularities of solutions to functional equation systems, NTAG Seminar, SFU, February 9, 2023, CA.
+ Universal coefficient asymptotics of solutions to positive catalytic equations, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Diskrete Mathematik Wien (AG DM), January 24, 2023.
+ Pattern occurrences in planar maps, Seminar combinatoire énumérative et analytique at IRIF, October 27, 2022.
+ Universal properties of catalytic variable equations, AofA2022, June 21, 2022, Philadelphia.
+ Geometric dominating sets - Revenge of the pawns, PhD Student Symposium in Combinatorics (SSC), plenary talk, June 3, 2022, online.
+ Generating functions and universal laws on coefficient asymptotics, PhD colloquium, May 12, 2022, University of Vienna.
+ Hitting, packing, covering problems and further surprises, VSM student retreat, April 20, 2022, Ysper.
+ Singularity analysis for catalytic equations, Journées Aléa, March 21, 2022, CIRM, Luminy.
+ Counting with generating functions with catalytic variable, 2nd Austrian day of women in mathematics, February 2, 2022, online.
+ Universal exponents for catalytic equations, Status Seminar of SFB F50 Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics, November 30, 2021, online.
+ Geometric domination on the discrete torus, Graduate Online Combinatorics Colloquium, September 29, 2021, online.
+ Geometric Dominating Sets – A Minimum Version of the No-Three-In-Line Problem, At the 37th European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EuroCG2021), April 4, 2021, online.
+ Geometric Dominating Sets, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Diskrete Mathematik Wien, November 17, 2020, online.

+ AofA, 26-30 July 2023, Taipeh
+ Aléa, 13-17 March 2023, Luminy, FR
+ Research visit, Marni Mishna at Simon Fraser University, 6-24 February 2023, Burnaby, CA
+ Co-organizer of doc.schools meet arts
+ SFB Veteran's meeting, 4-7 December 2022, Schloss Roethelstein, AT
+ Research visit, Élie de Pananfieu at Nokia, 3-28 October 2022, Paris, FR
+ VSM summer school, 19-24 September 2022, Weissensee, AT
+ RandNet Workshop on Random Graphs, 22-30 August, Eindhoven, NL
+ RS&A 2021/2022 (20th International Conference on Random Structures and Algorithms), 1-5 August 2022, Gniezno, PL
+ Co-organizer of doc.schools meet science communication
+ VSM summer school, September 20-25, 2021, Weissensee
+ Austrian Computational Geometry Reunion Meeting, 28 June - 1 July 2021, Strobl, AT
+ Lattice path conference, 21-25 June 2021, CIRM, FR

If you are a student in one of the classes that I teach, please find further information in TISS or TUWEL.

I used to work as a graphic designer in nice places like Mürzzuschlag, Graz, Paris and Mauritius. So every once in a while I help out family (e.g. Logo+Website of Windheimat ) or friends and colleagues (e.g. Slides of ERC project POCOCOP).

I also have a degree in Stage and Costume Design, obtained at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Graz in 2015 and worked a bit in theatre but the only one that I dress up occasionally anymore is my dog.


Last update: September 2023