Dr. Markus Kuba

Markus Kuba

FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. tech. Markus Kuba-Kremser

FH-Technikum Wien Logo small Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics
FH-Technikum Wien, 1200 Vienna, Austria
• Email: kuba@technikum-wien.at

FH-Campus Wien Logo HTL-Spengergasse, 1050 Vienna, Austria

Short CV

2004 I got my master degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in mathematics, minor computer Science, at the TU Wien. Afterwards, I was working at the combinatorics groups , FH-Technikum Wien Logo small Institute for Discrete mathematics and Geometry at the TU-WIEN. In 2006 I completed my PhD studies (Dr.techn.) also at the TU Wien (Advisor: Prof. Alois Panholzer). From 2006 to 2009 I was a post-doc, allowing me to go deeper into fundamental research and also to go abroad.

After four and a half years as a researcher I started in september 2009 my teaching career as a full-time secondary school teacher and a lecturer. I am teaching at universities of applied sciences (FH) and also at a higher college (HTL). In 2010 I got my offical license to teach in HTLs - technology and crafts oriented secondary schools. In may 2013 I completed my habilitation at the TU-Wien, faculty of mathematics and geoinformation; thus I am still officially affiliated with the university by means of the venia docendi. In november 2016 I became a FH-professor at the FH Technikum Wien.


2016 FH-Professor at the FH Technikum Wien
2013 Privatdozent and Habilitation at TU-Wien
since 2010 Lecturer at the FH Technikum Wien
2009-2010 Teacher accreditation at the PH-Wien Logo small PH-Wien
since 2009 Teacher at  Higher Technical Institute Spengergasse
2009-2011 External lecturer at the FH Campus Wien
Post-Doc at the TU-Wien
09.-11.2008 Post-Doc at the Academia Sinica Logo small Academia Sinica, ROC (Taiwan)
2005-2008  Assistant and Post-Doc at the TU-Wien
2006 PhD (Dr.techn.) at TU-Wien; supervisor: Alois Panholzer
2004 Master's degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Mathematics, minor Computer science; supervisor: Alois Panholzer


"Celui qui se perd dans sa passion perd moins que celui qui perd sa passion." (Saint Augustin)

In my spare time I enjoy doing math and programming (Java). Besides, I like sports, especially cycling, basketball, swimming, ball room dancing, etc. and playing the piano. Nowadays, I'm mostly involved in other projects.