TITLE: Innovative time integrators

(1) Bojan Orel
University of Ljubljana

(2) Alexander Ostermann
Universität Innsbruck

In recent years there has been a considerable progress in the construction, analysis and implementation of new types of time integrators for evolution equations. In this minisymposium, we will concentrate on geometric integrators that capture certain geometric properties of the exact flow. Particular examples of such integrators are exponential integrators and splitting methods. Whereas exponential integrators make explicit use of the matrix exponential and related matrix functions, splitting methods decompose the vector field into several components and integrate these components in a separate way.


1. Etienne Emmrich  (Abstract)
   Evolution equations of second order with damping: existence via time discretisation

2. Bojan Orel (with Andrej Perne)  (Abstract)
   Approximate solution of initial-boundary value problems with nonperiodic Fourier series

3. Antti Koskela (with Alexander Ostermann)  (Abstract)
   An analysis of exponential Taylor integrators

4. Winfried Auzinger  (Abstract)
   Krylov subspace techniques for rational integrators

5. Othmar Koch (with Winfried Auzinger, Christof Neuhauser, and Mechthild Thalhammer)  (Abstract)
   Error estimators for adaptive splitting methods

6. Dragana Miljkovic (with 7 coauthors)  (Abstract)
   Constraint-driven optimization approach to build a Petri Net defence response model in plants