Differential Geometry and Geometric Structures
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Udo Hertrich-Jeromin

Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (O)


Vienna University of Technology
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/104
A-1040 Wien, Austria

Contact Fon/Fax/Email
Room DA 08 B11 (8th floor)

Research Interests



  • Courses
  • Teacher training
  • Exams Linear Algebra & Geometry: registration via tiss, details are communicated in the respective TUWEL courses (LAG1 and LAG2)
  • Other (oral) exams: I solely examine the latest installment of courses I teach (in particular, I do not examine courses or notes authored by colleagues), hence it is expected that
    • you are familiar with the course (of the appropriate semester), and
    • you have access to the corresponding TUWEL course and are familiar with the information communicated there;
    note that I do not answer questions concerning exams outside class/TUWEL. To arrange an exam contact me, no later than 7 days prior to the beginning of the examination period, by email (include all necessary personal & unit information!).
  • Examination periods S2024:
    • Mon 17 Jun - Fri 28 Jun 2024
    • Mon 8 Apr - Fri 12 Apr 2024
    • Mon 4 Mar - Fri 15 Mar 2024

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