The main result of my thesis is the proof that Local Club Condensation can be obtained over any model of GCH by cofinality-preserving forcing while preserving an omega-superstrong cardinal and hence Local Club Condensation is consistent with the existence of an omega-superstrong cardinal. As Local Club Condensation is preserved in initial segments of the set theoretic universe, this shows Local Club Condensation to be consistent with most of the usual large cardinal axioms.

My original thesis can be found here.

As the proof of its main theorem is unneccessarily complicated and contains quite a couple of small mistakes, I decided to write up a simplified and corrected version, which can be found here.

An alternative proof of the same result has been published in a joint paper with Sy Friedman (here). We used its technique of proof to finally verify a stronger result about Local Club Condensation and Acceptability here.

My thesis also contains a chapter on Acceptability. This chapter contains some serious mistakes and is somewhat misleading. The interested reader is strongly advised to consult Section 1 of this paper instead.