Simulations of random discrete structures:
Generating random structures helps us to verify theoretical results and make new conjectures. Visualizations of these structures may even hold some aesthetic appeal. This gallery displays some pictures, videos, and interactive 3D models of random geometric objects that appear in my research. Click on an image to open the corresponding subgallery.

Brownian map: simple triangulations of the sphere (Animations)

Brownian map: quadrangulations of the sphere (Interactive)

Brownian map: simple quadrangulations of the sphere (Animations)

Stable trees

Condensation trees

Loop trees

Brownian permuton: separable permutations

Brownian graphon: cographs

Schnyder-wood-decorated triangulations (Animations)

Brownian map: quadrangulations of the sphere (Animations)

Check out the homepages of these researchers for more visualisations: