VO + UE Discrete Mathematics (Winter Term 2021)

Welcome to the web page of "VO + UE Discrete Mathematics".

Here announcements concerning the lecture as well as the exercise sheets for "UE Discrete Mathematics" will be posted. If slides are presented in the lecture, they will be made available here as well.


General Information

Thursday 8:15h-10:00h, mostly EI 8, sometimes EI 3 or Sem BA 02 B
Friday 8:15h-10:00h, mostly FH HS 5, somtimes EI 11

No lecture on the following days: tba

There are no official lecture notes, but two students who attended the lecture in the past took notes: inofficial lecture notes.

Slides presented in the lecture


The exam is divided into a written and an oral part, but administratively it is one exam and so there is only one grade for the whole exam.

The first opportunity for the written exam is at the end of the winter term. Then, three exam dates per semester will be offered.

For admission to the oral part, the score in the written exam has to be at least 50% of the maximally possible score.

The oral part is taken preferrably at one of the dates offered on the list provided during the written examination, which lie usually within one month after the written exam.
If not taken within six months after the written exam, you resign from it and will get the final grade "Failed".

In case of failing, the exam (and thus both parts) has to be repeated.



The exercise sessions are organized in two groups both of which take place on Thursday 14:00h-16:00h (via Zoom).

The exercise sessions start on Oct 21 end on January 27.

Registration and attendance are mandatory. Please register in TISS for one of the two groups.

Exercise Sheets